Our Profile

Established in 2003, we are a Cambridge based, RIBA chartered architects* practice, specialising in creative, contemporary architecture with particular emphasis on characterful and engaging places and spaces, and taking a project from informed overview to refined detail. Whether that is someone's home, workplace, place of welfare or education, or just somewhere for enjoyment, as a small business we can provide a competitive, bespoke and flexible service to suit individual client's requirements. We are driven by the pursuit of design quality and the belief that the built environment directly influences our wellbeing and quality of life.

Our aspiration is to produce, and deliver on behalf of our clients, well crafted, elegant buildings that are suitable for their intended use, are sustainable, robust and adaptable offering a positive contribution to their context, and are enjoyable and inspirational to use and experience.

The practice is committed to the principles of www.architectsdeclare.com and has always worked to encourage awareness of the need to consider the wider impact of construction methods and material choices, to value the vital benefits that natural biodiversity and habitat provide, and to coexist with the natural world rather than dominate or destroy it.

Gavin Langford is a chartered member of the RIBA, with a concern and sincere interest in the (natural) environment, for whom architecture and the creative process are more than just a job. Previous practices include RHWL, RH Partnership, and AHMM. Gavin is also an external examiner for the post graduate professional practice courses at the Bartlett, UCL, and the University of Cambridge.

Client references are available on request.

*The term 'Architect' is a protected title and UK law requires those that use it, to be registered and comply with the requirements of the Architects Registration Board. Only architects registered with the RIBA can be called RIBA Chartered Members. RIBA Chartered Practice is an accreditation scheme, a mark of excellence and an assurance of the practice's quality, design excellence and service.

RIBA Plan Of Work

The industry standard process protocol.

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Our Portfolio

The practice approach to each commission is to listen to our clients' brief and vision for their project, and in response, develop a considered and context sensitive concept embracing the fundamentals of architecture and good design. Research, precedent, artistry, technical evaluation, known experience and good practice, are all used to inform and test ideas as the iterative nature of the design process hones a concept in dialogue with the client and project team. Development and production information are assessed at key stages against the brief, the budget, and the project programme. The practice client base is diverse, with numerous repeat commissions, and includes developers, hotel & restaurant owners, software companies & organisations, general medical practitioners, musicians & recording studios, artists, small local businesses and many private individuals. Geographically projects have been completed across East Anglia, London, the Southwest, & Wales.

Our Process

As a practice, we recommend and offer a full architects' service that provides continuity from the early stages of a project at its conception, to handover of the final product. This gives clients full access to our comprehensive approach to the design process, and incorporates a single point of contact throughout all design stages, including co-ordination of other consultants and specialists, relevant legislation (such as Planning & Building Regulations) and the construction phase contract administration/works inspection role. The practice also undertakes a more bespoke or adaptable level of service subject to the requirements of each client and project, either incorporated into the full architects' service, or separately commissioned.


As outlined above, this is the preferred choice for many of our clients, as it understandably offers them the easiest, most seamless option. It also brings the most value to the project and is reflected in the quality of the completed scheme.

We are able to offer clients a wide choice of partial services, which include: feasibility studies, concept design, technical design, construction monitoring, contract administration, or additionally we can conduct post completion evaluations, as well as provide client advice & support.

In addition to our full and partial services, other relevant services such as party wall advice, brief writing, interior or landscape design, can also be commissioned. Please contact us, should you require any further information.


The practice charges a fee for its services like any other business! There are no standard or recommended fee scales and each project fee is negotiated with the client on the basis of the type of project and level of complexity involved; the service(s) required; the procurement method; and the resources needed to deliver the project within the desired timeframe. We produce a project fee schedule for each job which itemises how the fee is calculated (this can be a lump sum, or a percentage of construction costs, or - when the scope of work is not yet defined - a time charge with caps, depending on the type and size of project) and how the fee is applied to each particular work stage.