Time is running out


It has taken approximately a hundred years for human activity to accelerate to the point where our impact is screwing the planet and causing mass extinction and destruction to those non human living things that we “share” the world with. It is a shame we are not more considerate. We have very little time to fix this (if fixing something like this is at all possible), scientific opinion is 10 years before (further) catastrophe, and it will take a massive change of attitude from industry, governments and big business. Construction and buildings are only part of the problem. So we should all take on the responsibility to minimise our impact, stop using plastic, and kick some ass (raise awareness). It’s also a shame when a practice such as Foster + Partners decide to quit Architects Declare putting their commitment to environmental impact low on the agenda and sending out such a disappointing (and $eemingly $elfish) message. Architects Declare recently called for certain signatory practices (ZHA) who “appeared determined to continue with business as usual” to either change and get with the correct programme or withdraw and stop undermining the effectiveness of tackling this. Good call.