Projects nearing completion

Two of the practice’s recent projects, nearing completion. Quite different buildings but both include MVHR whole house ventilation, heat pumps/UFH, high levels of insulation, triple glazing, and the usual attention to detail.

Insulating plaster

We are using a cork based NHL 5 lime plaster on a renovation project at the moment. The photo shows the mesh reinforced base coat as it dries out for the finish coats. The end result looks a bit like white plaster. The product, Diathonite thermoactive .37, is applied onto the solid brickwork external walls and as it is vapour permeable and thermally insulating, avoids the risk of thermal bridging, condensation, and mould growth as well as improving internal comfort. K value is 0.037W/mK. Ideal for the technical challenges of updating solid masonry walls.

Lime mortar repointing

Renovation work to this east facing gable, all joints are raked out with new lime mortar being installed and pointed. The metal plates are now redundant but were left in so as not to disturb the brickwork. great workmanship.

Earth day

This should be front and centre in the media. Action is needed, not just hollow “promises”.