As a practice, we recommend and offer a full architects’ service that provides continuity, care and attention, from the early stages of a project at its conception, to handover of the final product. This gives clients full access to a comprehensive approach to the design process, and incorporates a single point of contact throughout all design stages, including co-ordination of other consultants and specialists, relevant legislation (such as Planning & Building Regulations) and the construction phase contract administration/works inspection role. The practice also undertakes a more bespoke or adaptable level of service subject to the requirements of each client and project, either incorporated into the full architects’ service, or separately commissioned.

The practice charges a fee for its services like any other business! There are no standard or recommended fee scales and each project fee is negotiated with the client on the basis of the type of project and level of complexity involved; the service(s) required; the procurement method; and the resources needed to deliver the project within the desired timeframe. We produce a project fee schedule for each job which itemises how the fee is calculated (this can be a lump sum, or a percentage of construction costs, or – when the scope of work is not yet defined – a time charge with caps, depending on the type and size of project) and how the fee is applied to each particular work stage.