Dennis Gilbert 2021

I was still studying for my part 2 whilst working part time when I was lucky enough to get a small school dance studio I had designed photographed by the RIBA Journal & Dennis Gilbert. The scheme got a front page (1997) no doubt due to the way Dennis had approached the shoot including the cheeky nature of the local school kids when seeing a photographer in their playground. Dennis came across as very quiet (a bit like me!) and he gave me a couple of his test shot polaroids, which have always featured on my website since my practice was set up. Sad to hear of his death.


A recently completed project comprising works to renovate & extend a former public house. The work involved renovating the original oak timber frame, under-pining, lowering the ground floor, creating a new Orangery & sun terrace, roofing works & much more. Fantastic team effort with Gatward & Sons, Structural Engineers Cambridge, RHBC (building control), APP, David Hall Kitchens, David Fox Joinery, Mynott Associates, Electec, J White Plumbing & Heating, and not least our clients. A great job. Photos copyright Francesco Russo

MMA Floor finish

Very much looking forward to seeing the oak floor finish installed on this project. The quality of light in this space and the relationship it has with the (private) landscaping is a joy to see unfold.


there are projects that don’t get built, which is always a great shame, but the experience (in this case a class Q prior approval change of use) research, ideas, design work and intent doesn’t have to be wasted and can sometimes, even if it is just the process or a small detail, be used elsewhere.