Long House

The local stone remains of a rural Welsh Long House. Not as randomly organised as I anticipated. You can still see the neat stone stairs inside & the orderly arrangement of window & door openings.

Timber Frame Renovation

One of the practice’s current projects on site involves the expansion, renovation and repair of an old timber framed building. Great to be involved on a characterful old building like this. The timbers shown had rotted away and will be repaired with a new oak sole plate above the new plinth.


In support of the AJ campaign championing (sensitive) reuse in the built environment. The demands of which are: Cut VAT rate on refurbishment, repair and maintenance from 20 per cent to 5 per cent; Promote the reuse of existing building stock and reclaimed construction material by introducing new clauses into planning guidance and the building regs; Stimulate the circular economy and support a whole-life carbon approach in construction by insisting that all publicly funded project look to retrofit solutions first.

Waste & consumption needs to be reduced (& incentivised by government policy) if environmental concerns are to be followed through.


Storm the asylum

Congratulations to Simon Allford (one of the founding directors of the Stirling prize winning practice AHMM) for being elected as the next RIBA President. A leaner, more open, productive, engaged and reinvigorated RIBA will now be created.

AHMM The Yellow Building, Monsoon Village P1, 2008